Tune into the Kaydo Fishing Radio Show

Weekend is approaching and you want to go fishing, but not sure what’s biting and where in your area? Want the latest fishing tips from some of the most recognised anglers from around the country?

Introducing the Kaydo Fishing Radio show which launches on Friday 7 October and will have all the answers each and every week!

The only nationally broadcasted fishing radio show with specific state information for Sth East Qld, NSW and Victoria. Listen to your state or listen to all three. That’s right, every Friday the Kaydo Radio Fishing Show will available through podcast and ITunes through the Kaydo Fishing World website, www.kaydofishingworld.com and is also being broadcasted through community radio stations across the country. Just click on the state you live in, Sth East Qld, NSW or Victoria and get your latest fishing reports and information

Kaydo Fishing Radio Show will be providing to the public up to date fishing reports, fishing information, and all the latest that is happening in fishing for each state on a weekly basis in an hour long show. The show will have specialised local fishing reporters from a variety of locations in each state, reporting on all fishing in the area along with tips, techniques and interviews. All the information you need before you plan your weekend fishing trip.

Plus each month we are giving away a $400 Mo Tackle Gift Voucher and a Contour Roam 3 Camera valued at $400. All you have to do is listen to your state related fishing radio show.

The Kaydo Fishing Radio Show is hosted by fishing guru and fishing identity John Didge with co-host Michael ‘Moorey’ Moore . Both Didge and Moorey bring a wealth of fishing knowledge.to the Kaydo Fishing Radio Show. John Didge is a well respected media fishing personality and works on all forms of media and has been the host of the Geelong Fishing Show for the past 27 years. Michael Moore is an expert angler, tackle store manager and a reputable rod manufacturer

Not only with the radio show be informative, this comical team will keep all entertained!
The entire Kaydo Team comes with high accolades and are very highly recommended and respected in the fishing industry.

Make sure you reserve the date, Friday 7 October 2016 and sit back and watch the video and get a taste of what is to come as we introduce you to Didge and Moorey, presenters of the Kaydo Fishing Radio Show







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