iDfish – New and Exciting Fishing App

Dale Ward has tried and tested this new Fishing App to hit the market and is quite impressed with his findings


Fishing Apps for smart phones have exploded onto the market place in the last few years and now everyone claims to have the best software options. This is not always the truth and I always like to conduct my own comparisons in an attempt to keep my finger on the pulse of new tech trends.

These latest smartphone apps are quite valuable to urban fishing explorers and add to the positive learning curves faced along the way. Now everyone seems to be raving about this new iDfish app and its extensive features, so I installed it on my phone and have been utilising it on the water over the last few weeks. It’s quite interesting that this app really does seem to bring an element of insight to what was otherwise considered a passive sport or past time. It has a fantastic introduction when the app is opened and an extensive list of common and Latin names of fish species, including common and maximum lengths, fin placement, lateral colour, underbelly colour, colours of fins and body shape all in a very easy to understand interface. This app has raised the bar in terms of useful functions!

Whether it’s fly fishing, freshwater fishing, ocean fishing, deep sea, rock or even kayak fishing this app will assist you. Let’s say you hook a fish and get it to the boat but don’t get the chance to net the fish or snap a photo, as long as you have the mental image of the fish in your head you can select through the options in the ID Fish icon at the bottom of the screen and begin the process of selecting the various descriptions of your catch to determine the identification. (Example gills, body shape, teeth, dorsal fins, the region the fish was caught)

Another fascinating element to the iDfish app is the small insights we get from the creative people behind the content because they have included some very cool added features. By touching your screen you will have the ability to record the size of your catch, the weight of your catch or the number of fish in your keepnet for future reference. You can set and record your own fish challenges and achievements and record your fishing trip logs with your mates.

This app offers its consumers access to up to date size and bag limits, live updates of regulations and full tide function but the greatest part is that the makers of iDfish have all anglers’ best interests at heart and made this information available off line. That’s right fully functional with offshore trips where no reception is available which really does separate this app from any competitors. The app also delves into the eating quality of your catch described in detail and fork rating out of 5, season closures and openings of species that have breeding sections in the year, habitat and distribution of species and tackle and bait technique. The extensive list goes on and on.

The moon and its phases is one of the most significant forces on the planet. When studying fish behaviour in relation to moon cycles, behaviour of saltwater species and tidal movement is all linked. This is one of those undisputable facts of fishing, and the iDfish app, it also includes the Almanac function for anglers to learn about the moons phases and its effects.

iDfish is a very extensive and comprehensive app, let’s not forget it was developed for anglers to use while exploring the great outdoors with confidence. Across the board, all-inclusive options and the most extensive quantity of line species that are available in this app are not available on any other app of its kind.

It’s only early days for this high tech app but it’s easy to see why enthusiasts predict that mobile phone centric applications will change fishing like they have already changed so many other industries and practices, I believe that this app has the most expanded and wide spread functions and is at the top of the app market place.

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