Fighting Rust: Tips to save your tackle

rusty tackle

We’ve all seen it before – wasted money on perfectly good hooks due to a lack of basic maintenance after a fishing trip.

If you sat down and added up the dollar value of what you have in your tackle box, you might be very surprised.
A box of hooks one week, a few lures the next, it all mounts up so it makes sense to try and hang on to it in good condition for as long as possible.
One of the major issues affecting tackle is rust.
Like a cancer it just keeps spreading and before you know it, you have a box of rust and not much useable gear in your tackle box.

Rinse tackle after use

One of the ways rust gets a foothold on your tackle is by you putting gear back in after you have used it in salt water.
It only takes a drop of saltwater to start and spread the chemical reaction that causes rust.
A simple solution is to never put an item back in your tackle box while you’re fishing.
I have a separate container and once I use a lure, I drop it back in that bucket, not back in the tackle box.
Not only lures but hooks, sinkers in fact anything that touches saltwater goes in the bucket not the tackle box.
When I get home I rinse everything in the bucket in freshwater then allow it to dry completely.

Dry your gear thoroughly

It is not until the next day that the gear I used goes back in the tackle box.
I try to avoid using sprays to prevent rust as I think they could have a detrimental effect on your catch.
By not putting wet items back in the box I find I have almost no problems with rust.
By washing and drying them separately it also allows me to inspect hooks, split rings and trebles that have been used closely and replace them before they get used again if needed.
It is a simple system that helps prevent a box full of rusty tackle.

rustytackle 2

Neatly organised and freshly washed & cleaned lures after a fishing outing.



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  1. Nikki Bryant
    March 24, 06:21 Reply
    Definitely follow what you said, great advice. We also have a silica pillow or two in each of our tackle trays which seems to work.

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