Did you know that Australia has the richest diversity of cuttlefish species in the world?
The largest of these, the giant Australian cuttlefish, can be found in Victorian waters.
Like squid, they have 3 hearts, one on each of their gills and another on their major organs. Their blood is blue and contains copper!
Cuttlefishes are semelparous – fast growing and short-lived – dying soon after spawning. Large numbers of cuttlebones can be found washed up on beaches after the spawning season.

They are believed to be highly intelligent, with distinct personalities and the ability to solve problems. They communicate with each other through visual cues, changing the colour and texture of their skin using specialised chromatophores (skin pigments) and skin papillae.

Picture: Male (front) and female (back) giant Australian cuttlefishes.

Photo and info courtesy of cuttlefish PhD candidate, Mandy Beasley, from Southern Cross University.


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