Land-based fishing spots in Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River.

Land-based fishing spots in Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River. Woolwich Peninsula consist of a succession of points that lead down to the….

Off Shore Kayaking How far out?

There’s a perception in offshore fishing that the further out to sea you venture then the better the fishing becomes…..

Jewfish Basics

Sydney fishing identity Peter LeBlang goes through the basics to successfully target and catch jew fish. The first important part

Winter River Kingfish Tactics

Catching kingfish along our rivers during winter can be a hard task but with patience, using the right bait and

BASS Amazing Spawning Journey

Bass have an amazing spawning journey which is filled with natural and man-made obstacles. Travelling large distances up to 100 kms to the salt to spawn, then swimming their way against the current gives bass their tough muscular bodies, as well-known angling identity Michael Guest explains

Finesse Fishing

DEFINITION: fi·nesse — Refinement and delicacy of performance. Skilful, subtle handling of a situation. It’s the perfect word for describing an approach I often talk about in relation to successful fishing.

Bait Fishing Techniques – times 3

Handy tips for fishing is what we all need. Gary Brown has some great tips for the Baito’s.

LBG – Spinning From The Stones

  High-speed spinning from the rocks started way back in the early 1960’s when high-speed reels with multiplier ratios of

Cool Water, Big Tuna !

Kaydo contributor Al McGlashan is the only angler to stack big jumbo bluefin in three different states so we thought to

Warm Water Kingfish in Mid Winter

  The Pt Augusta power station at the top of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf is home to a truly amazing

Bream by Kayak

When it comes to casting lures for bream, there are three types of platform from which we can do it, one is catching bream by kayak.