Yellowfin 7000 HT + Yamaha F200hp 4-stroke boat review

Hard Top = Hard core!

If you’re looking for a custom plate boat where you can go out way deep, go way up north, or do just about anything, you must take a look at Yellowfin.

A massive 6mm 5083 Alloy bottom. Hard as rock! The longitudinal ribs and massive amount of structural support make this boat seriously strong using state of the art construction and welding methods in Telwater’s factory, the largest alloy boat manufacturer in the southern hemisphere who also make the famous Quintrex range. That should give you some serious peace of mind. Yellowfin are made with a blueprint and developed by a team of professionals in a research and development department – not some bloke in a shed.

The trailer is Quintrex’s famous alloy trailer which is fully braked which is required for this size of boat. There’s also a catch and release bracket for easy trailering.

At the back are some Volvo trim tabs which a boat of this size requires. An absolute favorite, the Yamaha F200HP 4-Stroke is plenty of power for this boat. When you go way out wide, you will really appreciate how much fuel the 4-stroke saves you, and of course there’s the legendary reliability, which really matters when you’re miles off shore.

A side concealed binnacle controller is a nice little addition and fite in beautifully with this dash. You can’t miss the massive SIMRAD sounder combo, as well as the Yamaha digital gauge which tells you everything you need to know about your motor. What a great combination of electronics this customer has ordered.

Looking around a bit more shows heaps of storage. You’ll notice rubber tube matting on the floor which is great for comfort and reduces glare off the flooring.

The cabin is a great size, big enough to sleep comfortably. Our famous team of fitters has included LED cabin lights with a nice toggle switch, USB chargers, and more. There’s a nice glove box in the cabin which is ideal for hiding your keys, wallet, and phone away while it charges. Plenty of room in the cabin will make it a great spot when it’s needed.

The seats are high quality seats that feel sturdy and rugged. The seats slide with ease and are ergonomic. Speaking of ergonomic, check out how the rocket launchers fold down for easy reaching…a true Yellowfin difference. They really do think of everything.

Our Trim Shop has put some side clears around the cockpit just incase it’s a super rough day with a lot of spray.

At the back the folding rear lounge doubles as somewhere to lean against when fishing. A huge plumbed live bait tank under the floor, and a huge bait tank with window will be just what you need when the fish are biting. The bait board is well designed and exactly what a true fisherman would need.

It’s a shocking day out on the water! There wasn’t a boat in sight. The Yellowfin 7000 absolutely eats the chop. Never once did we have to stand and it was a soft and comfortable ride for the speed we were going.

Cornering is a breeze and achievable at high speed without and rolling or breaching, thanks to the design of the hull and the trim tabs.

Spray is diverted out wide keeping you nice and dry, not that it would matter with the amount of protection a hard top gives you.

We’re sure you will agree that the Yellowfin is a serious plate boat. Before you go and get a custom plate boat made by some guy in his shed, come out in the bay on a water test and compare.

For more information on the Yellowfin, call the team on 3888 1727, or visit:

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