Winter Blue Nose Bream

Hello and welcome to one of the coldest periods of fishing in a very long time. Many anglers around Australia have endured a tough couple of months with cold, windy weather. We recently we had a cold snap with winds up to 60kmh which made fishing very hard. Instead of talking about a recent trip (that didn’t happen) I’m going to discuss fishing for 2kg monster blue nose bream!

Don't discount the upper reaches of creeks when searching for winter bream!

Don’t discount the upper reaches of creeks when searching for winter bream!


This time of year I love targeting bream with hardbody lures. It’s a lot of fun plus the bream often hit like freight trains when they see a perfectly presented lure in front of them. It’s more of a challenge to lure the fish out of the structure but in saying that hard body lures can get pretty expensive especially if you are losing a few. If you’re like me, you won’t mind losing the occasional a $20 lure to a good fish every now and then. This style of fishing is more of a addiction than anything else. Once you try it you cant get enough of it. But with 1000’s of lures on the market what do beginners go for to chase bream?


When I first started learning to fish with hard body lures I really didn’t know where to begin. I was watching tv shows and reading a lot with very few fish if any being landed. That was until I got taught by a great mate of mine who was a pro on the ABT circuit. He generally knew everything there is to know about bream.
The author with a quality winter bream.

The author with a quality winter bream.

He taught me to be patient – if you think your going slow, go even slower. Oddly enough just doing that increased my chances by 50%! Next was lure selection and here is where it can get difficult but a general beginner lure go the chubby deep divers they are versatile and easy to control like rapalla, atomics, jakall and a sakura. These are all among my favorite hard body lures.
This greedy bream took a liking to a soft plastic.

This greedy bream took a liking to a soft plastic.

Then there is the often argued topic of colour selection. I used to go out with only a few lures with doing that your limiting yourself with every part of the day the bream like different colours. They can be really fussy sometimes so now I don’t leave home without at least a tray full of variations of colour from ghost browns, silvers, pure black, and more I must say a lot of my lures are more natural so I can match the hatch it pays to look and see what bait is around could mean the difference to landing a big fish. Here is a quick story about hardbodies and how it can go from a normal fishing trip to a very expensive one.
Another nice lure caught breambo.

Another nice lure caught breambo.

I was teaching my mate Brody Asquith to use hard bodies for bream off the kayaks. I handed him one of my $50 lures without thinking ran him through the basics landed a few decent bream and at the last cast of the day … BAM! No, not a fish – I had cast straight up in a tree now I didn’t want to loose the lure. So I paddled over and reached up to retrieve the lure not paying attention to the rod sitting in the rod holder at the back. Somehow the rod got caught in a tree as well lifted out of the rod holder and went swimming never to be seen again. It went from possibly loosing a $50 lure to loosing a $800 dollar rod and reel talk about bad luck.


Kayaks are a great platform for targeting winter bream.

Kayaks are a great platform for targeting winter bream.

Here is where a lot of people go wrong. They see the fishing shows see all this fancy jigging and twitches and go out the next day and try to replecate it now that’s like watching rocky then going out the next day to fight the heavy weight champ of the world, these are paid and trained pros who spent years learning and honing their trade but even the pros would agree this is one of the most basics and fundamental techniques to get you on your way to catching big bream. It’s called “the slow roll” as seen in the diagram this technique is basically as it says cast out try to land as close to the structure as possible whether its over the top of weed beds, oyster leases, trees, mangroves. Or, as I showed Brody, centimeters away from oyster encrusted rock walls or oyster encrusted tree stumps. Keep your rod level to the water and slowly wind the reel letting the lure do all the work if you feel a slight pull on the line it could mean you have hit snags instantly stop winding and let your lure float back up and start again. Now as you get better you can add slight twitches into the slow roll too.


A nice bream caught on a Cranka Crab.

A nice bream caught on a Cranka Crab.

You don’t have to spend $800 on a rod and reel to chase bream or use lures there are a lot of cheap options out there to get you started but don’t just grab any old rod and reel I like to use 1/3 kg 7ft graphite or carbon rod with a 1000 or 2000 reel a lot more sensitivity and responsiveness to using hard bodies. LOX Fishing Rods have a great range of rods and reels for everyone from pro rods to beginners the Crucis range are for beginners range. Yoshi are intermediate and Ambassadors are for more your die hard fishos and these rods and reels can be brought online or in most tackle stores around Australia.

My number one piece of advice is make sure your choice is comfortable. Just remember you may be holding that rod all day so if its not comfortable in store it wont be on the water either


About Caine Goward

I started fishing at a very young age and was taught by my grandfather Peter (pop) Green. I have many memories of spending countless hours on the beach with my pop and brother Jai digging for pippies and arguing with my brother about who caught the biggest fish. These mornings on the beach watching the sunrise over the water and spending time with loved ones is what ignited my passion for fishin. Ever since then i have tried to learn every thing I can about fishin reading books and spending every chance i can on the water. But there was a snag in the water with no one willing to help and guide me in all styles and techniques of fishing I was stuck. That is until I met a bloke who fished in the ABT circuit he took me under his wing and showed me everything from salt to fresh, spin to fly, boat and land to kayak. I learnt alot from this man and spurred me on to fish and share my learning and knowledge. I moved home After I finished in the Army to be with my family I designed a fishing site on facebook to start showing people all the secrets the myths and generally have a laugh and get back to enjoying what fishing meant to me. I have fished plenty of boat and kayak tournaments through my time but my main specialty is kayak bream and bass fishing.

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