Wilson Large Lure Wrap

The arrival of the Wilson Large Lure Wrap has allowed lovers of big lures to keep themselves, their lures and their rods safe from the rigours of travel on the water and during transport.

Measuring 26cm x 28cm, the Large Lure Wrap, the wrap encloses the lure and the rod stopping the lure from banging around while you are underway.

The damage that can be caused to a rod blank, the bindings and the guides can be quite significant if you travel any distance in a boat with lures rigged (as almost all of us do). The Wilson Large Lure Wrap stops this damage by protecting the rod blank from a wildly swinging and swaying lure.

Additionally the wrap reduces the risk of anglers catching themselves on the hooks of rigged lines and allows for better storage of rigged rods, whether in rod lockers or in rod stands.

The Large Lure Wrap comes in a single pack and measures 26cm x 28cm.

The Wilson Large Lure Wraps is simple, effective and one of those products that you can’t believe you didn’t think of yourself.

Link: http://www.wilsonfishing.com/Products/Accessories/Wilson-Lure-Wraps

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