Venom – Swords with Bite

It was back in the year 1400 when the Samurai swords were first etched with the Katana signature. Swords marked with the Katana tag were a purpose built model that featured a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.

It is believed these were the first bespoke made blades with a number of applications in mind, due chiefly to the changed nature of close combat warfare.

Not only were they razor sharp to inflict maximum damage on their enemies, but also the curved nature and upward facing blade rode comfortably against the body making unsheathing much easier.

This lightning draw of the sword and its ultra sharp exterior was well suited to combat where victory depended heavily on fast response times.

When it comes to chasing Murray cod, like the Katana, our chosen swords of glass and graphite are also purpose built with numerous applications in mind. Gone are the days where a cod rods sole purpose was to stop a rampaging green machine from burying you in their underwater lair.

Yes, stopping power is still top of the tree, but in todays cod climate its not the only factor.

With lures like the 11” Bullshad swimbait or Jackall Gigantarel entering the Aussie market, having a stick that doesnt snap at the sight of these 150g lures is essential. Ive been on too many trips now where my cod colleagues have put their backs into a cast, flicking one of my XOS swimbaits, only to be left in tatters as the tip of their high-end graphite rod snaps clean off.

Not only does your cod rod need to be able to handle a pent up greenback andflick a heavy lure, it also needs to deliver long, probing casts. With the popularity of Murray cod fishing rising exponentially, so too is the stress on the populations that inhabit our rivers and impoundments.

As a result of the rising fishing pressure, the cod are becoming more timid. Being able to keep your distance and deliver long casts, will allow anglers to present their lures in the most natural manner possible. Advantage angler!

It is these key features that are the backbone of any serious cod rod worth its salt. Brands like Wilson and their flagship Venom range of baitcaster rods are one example, as they are purpose-built sticks with these non negotiablesin mind.

Standing at 7′ tall and coming in 6kg and 8kg models, they give the angler more than enough leverage to flick across every river in Australia. They also have a chunky, medium fast taper capable of comfortably casting lures over 120gin weight, all while possessing the stopping power of an AK47.

For those anglers looking to pack even more of a punch, Wilson have kicked it up another gear and in late 2016 launched their new cod rod on steroids – the 2-piece Venom Swimbait RLFVSWB.

This 7 6” 10kg rated stick is a true demon in every sense and can piff lures in excess of 150g without even flinching. Not to mention their thick backbone, possessing more stopping power than a Hilux.

So if you are in the market for a new cod rod to cast XOS lures, channel your inner warriors and check out Wilsons bespoke range of Venom swords – you wont be disappointed.

Fact Box

Big Cod Criteria

Todays new age cod rod needs to do more than just stop a pent up goodoo in its tracks. Here are the top three criteria I run over every rod I use for flicking lures in excess of 100g for Australiaǯs favourite sports fish.

1.A heavy duty rod capable of turning a rampaging cods head from burying you in the snags

2. A thick backbone that can sustain repeated casts with 100g+ lures

3. A tall, well distributed taper, with a long butt section for two handed caststhats able to throw long, probing casts

Wilson Fishing

About Wilson Fishing

wilson fishing Wilson Fishing is an Aussie family owned wholesale fishing tackle supplier and manufacturer. We specialise in developing quality products in Australia for Australian fishing conditions, employing over 50 staff members Australia wide. Wilson Fishing is famous for our Live Fibre range of Aussie built, Aussie designed fishing rods. Founded in 1946, Wilson Fishing is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. Our history has seen us develop relationships with some of the worlds premier fishing and marine companies, including Kilwell, Mustad and Surecatch and now Zerek Innovations.

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