Using Jigs and Vibes on Golden Perch

Golden perch can be targeted with many different techniques in Australia.  Most will work consistently, but as Lubin Pfeiffer explains, they do have a particular love for small jigs and vibes.

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Lures such as small jigs and vibes suit the vast areas Golden Perch are found in perfectly and can be fished through all levels of the water column. As an angler targeting these fish, you can use their very pronounced lateral line to your advantage. The noise and vibration that jigs and vibes create can easily be detected by any golden swimming nearby, usually they just cannot help themselves and must have a shot at it! What I also like about these style of lures is their ease of covering water and the way they cast. They are a very enjoyable to fish with. They are my go-to lure for fishing lakes when I need to search out new locations but are also just at home working the edges of the Murray River. In this article I’ll run through a few of the ingredients I find make for a successful hunt while targeting golden perch with jigs and vibes.

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The Lures

Jigs and vibes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. For the anglers just starting out it can be a hard decision as to which to spend their hard earned cash on. The truth is though, all of the ones available to anglers will work in certain situations, and I have found a couple different ones will cover many circumstances. For me, I need to have a few that will sink at different speeds, have alternative sounding rattles or none at all, and also a few different sizes. Because these are sinking lures with hooks that regularly snag, I always steer towards the cheaper end of the scale simply for the reason it won’t hurt so much if a piece of timber or rock decides to steal one! As it turns out a lot of the mid-priced will actually fish as well as the more expensive models anyhow.

My favourite two on the market at the moment are the Rapala Rippin’ Rap which comes in three different sizes – 04, 05, and 07. The 07 is an outstanding searching model and will cast a country mile and puts out a very tantalizing rattle which the goldens really seem to love. The 05 is perfect for more finesse work and can be cast very accurately at bits of timber and rock. The great thing also about the Rippin’ Rap is with the use of a drill you can remove the rattles by making a small hole in the nose of the lure. Once the balls are removed a small spot of epoxy will have the lure ready to fish again.

My other go-to jig is the Storm Rockin Shad. This has been the stand out lure in the last few months and has taken claim to some great sized perch. Like I said, the market is full of jigs and vibes that will work and these are just a couple that work for me, don’t be afraid to try others. I like to retro fit my jigs with single hooks as this provides a much better holding rate of fish than trebles, which the yellas can sometimes roll out during the fight. Colour plays little part I believe in this style of lure as most will work, so grab one that you feel confident in.

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Both spinning and bait cast setups work well when fishing with jigs and vibes. It depends on the size of the lure as to which I will choose to cast. For bigger models such as the Rippin’ Rap 07 and Rockin Shad I like to use a bait caster. I find it gives me greater control when working the lure. A 2-4kg or 3-6kg light responsive rod around 1.8m long gets the best out of these lures for me. A low profile reel will sit in the hand nicely and this is filled with 4.5kg brightly coloured braid. To the end of this I’ll attach a rod length of 10kg monofilament as a leader.

When using smaller model lures I like a spinning out fit and without a doubt, the new Storm Gomoku Ogawa is the best jig and vibe rod I have ever had the pleasure of using. Any spinning rod will work well but the Ogawa has been specially designed for this style of fishing and you can really notice it. It makes working the jigs and vibes so easy! I’ll match the spinning rod with a 25 or 30 size spinning reel loaded with 3kg brightly coloured braid and a rod length of 4.5kg fluorocarbon leader.

Where to use jigs and vibes

Jigs and vibes can be worked pretty much anywhere in the river or lake. Try hunting out spots such as fallen timber, rock bars and clay banks. One tactic I have found to be outstanding, regardless of the area you are fishing, is to return to a spot after you have already worked through it. Many times this has resulted in a few more bites from fish.

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There are a couple of ways you can work a jig and vibe that will attract attention from a golden. These are just suggestions as the great thing about these lures is there is no boundary as to how work them. For me, a simple working from the bottom up, lift and wind up the slack works well. This gives the goldens plenty of time to eat it. Other retrieves such as a straight wind can be effective. The great thing about jigs and vibes is they can be fished vertically on the deeper snags which can be a deadly tactic. It’s really a case of spending time on the water and mixing it up until you find a pattern that works on the waters you fish regularly.

Lubin Pfeiffer

About Lubin Pfeiffer

Accomplished angler Lubin Pfeiffer lives in South Australia’s glorious Barossa Valley and is fortunate to have started fishing from a very young age. He enjoys all facets of the sport, targeting the vast majority of inshore species that inhabit waters of the southern states. Lubin holds the honour of representing Australia three times at an international level in competition fly fishing.


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