Top Tips for Bream


This bream fell to a well-presented hard body lure.

Our top 10 tips for chasing Bream on Flats using Hardbody lures.

1. Like all Finesse fishing, fish light. 3-6pound leader is a good starting point. A 1-3kg crisp rod and about 4lb braid will have you set up for the day

2.  Look for places that are likely to hold fish instead of plugging blind casts. Things like weed patches, gravel beds, slight drop offs, dirty water changes, shadows, disturbed bottom. Etc

3. A good pair of polarised sunnies is essential in this type of fishing. Bream can be quite easy to see on the flats and quite often you can sight cast. This type of fishing is as good as it gets .Also look for stingrays on the flats and dark patches of sand these are referred to Bream holes thats where they have disturbed the sand looking for food .

4.  Don’t strike when you get a bite like your instincts will tell you to do . Instead roll your rod to the side and then upwards always keeping pressure to keep a good hook up.

5. Yellowfin bream tend to like a lure moving, while black bream prefer a lure moved slower with twitches and pauses. Don’t get stuck into one retrieve. If something isn’t working change and try a different retrieve.


A solid bream caught on light spin gear.

6.   Always look at wind direction and use it to your advantage. Cast with the wind to get further distance to cover more ground

7.  Keep an eye on the condition of your hooks, leaders and knots. As you’ll be digging into the sand and rubble, damage may occur. Blunt hooks, frayed lines and rushed knots tend to loose the better fish and you don’t want be telling the story about “the one that got away”.

8. Even with Hardbodies, always smear a bit of scent on the lures. Scent not only attracts more fish and increases second hits on a missed hookup, it also masks any unnatural smells or oils that might come from our hands. Eg…sunscreen, fuel etc.

9.  Some of the cheaper lures that are on sale can work just as well  as the $30 ones…..however always check the quality of the hooks and split rings…..upgrade them if you at all concerned.

10. Once hooked, take it easy. The last thing you want to do is rip the hook out of the fishes mouth. Just relax and let the drag do what it’s designed to do.

Troy Eaton & Scott Wakefield

About Troy Eaton & Scott Wakefield

We have been keen fisherman since our early childhood and have spent fishing experiences together in learning and experiencing all facets of fishing in the Victorian region. In our early years we weren't afraid to ask questions and were really keen to achieve the best results we could with our fishing.


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  1. Nikki Bryant
    March 24, 06:18 Reply
    A great list of tips in there. Especially love the last one, "Take it easy"

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