Tips for Flathead on Soft Plastics

There is little doubt that soft plastic lures catch a lot of flathead however most beginners to targeting flatties on plastics make two basic mistakes. Firstly they use too heavy a jig head and secondly they retrieve too fast with too much rod movement.

Fish Light

Another sensational flattie.

Another sensational flattie.

The jig head should be the weight it takes to drift towards the bottom, not go down like a sinker. It will vary depending on current and depth of the water you’re fishing but the principal is the same, a slow waft towards the bottom. If you cast a jig out and it gets to the bottom within a few cranks of the reel, change to a lighter weight.

Where Are Their Eyes?

Flathead have their eyes on the top of their head seeing things above them better than below and as a result will rise to a bait more readily than diving to one underneath them. The other mistake many new anglers make is trying to impart too much action in the lure. Soft, gentle  rod movements will generally catch more fish than jerking the lure around.

Keep At It

If you’ve given up on soft plastic because they don’t catch fish, try again this Christmas. Drop down in jig head weight and reduce the action you impart with the rod and you might find yourself another convert. Remember flathead are ambush predators – keep the lure in their zone and put it back their time and again. If a fish is there you can be sure he will eventually hit it, or nudge it out of the way which also results in many hookups!
Another top-quality flathead.

Another top-quality flathead.

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