Tips and tricks for fishing Proserpine’s Peter Faust Dam

After a mission to Proserpine’s famous Peter Faust Dam, the Kaydo fishing team compiled this extensive list of tips to help you get the most out of your trip to the legendary barra hotspot.

  1. Before venturing to Peter Faust Dam print out (or take a snap shot on your phone) an image of the dam from Google Earth. Not only will this be an invaluable navigational too when moving around the extensive waterway, it will also help identify the best features and locations to fish. 
  2. It is essential to be prepared to tangle with the dam’s monster resident fish. Eight-strand braided main line of 30 to 50lb is critical. It’s even more important to use a high-quality fluorocarbon leader such as Sunline FC100 with a breaking strain of between 60 and 80lb. Ensure you are using a leader of at least 80cm in length. 
  3. Terminal tackle is critical. Upgrade all split rings and trebles to at least 6x strong. The combination of heavy lines and stump-pulling drags can see both rings and trebles straighten with ease. 
  4. When joining leader to braid use an ‘FG’ Knot. This will help ensure the 80lb leader slips easily through the guides. 
  5. When locating an area to fish look for prominent points or the edges of bays. Be aware that many of these points have large weed beds hidden underwater. Anchor off these points and progressively fish the weed beds working a lure or fly from deep to shallower water. Submerged weed is your friend, work lures over the top of the weed as slowly as possible without snagging. 
  6. If it is windy use the prevailing breeze to your advantage. Find a prominent point with wind and waves pushing heavily onto it. This creates a natural pressure point which forces bait and warm water into the area. 
  7. Use large hard bodied suspending lures and large paddle tailed soft plastics. Always ensure your soft plastics have a stinger treble in the tail. 
  8. When fishing the surface use walkers or frogs for best results. Early mornings or late afternoons and into the evening is best. Concentrate your casts around areas where the water and weed is shallow. Poppers are not recommended on Peter Faust Dam as they can spook fish. 
  9. When fishing amongst the timber upgrade your leader and line strength and consider using a twisted leader. Don’t cast too far and remember to fish short. Faust fish have a reputation for wrapping line around trees very quickly.


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