The Kaydo Bream Challenge

At the beginning of February, 2015, an exciting new era began in Australian fishing with the public launch of this, the Kaydo Fishing World website and on-line portal.
Steve 'Starlo' Starling with a nice bream, the target species of the first Kaydo Fishing World Challenge.

Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling with a nice bream, the target species of the first Kaydo Fishing World Challenge.

Naturally, a lot of hard work had been going on behind the scenes for many, many months prior to this launch. A vital part of that preliminary work involved the setting up of a unique on-line fishing challenge that would allow recreational anglers from all over Australia to compete against each other on a level playing field for some truly amazing prizes. The folks involved in setting up Kaydo Fishing World did a lot of thinking and careful research before deciding on the bream clan as subjects for their inaugural Fishing Challenge. In the end, however, this choice was an obvious one. That’s because the species chosen needed to be popular, well-known and widely available right around the country, with the opportunity existing to catch a genuine ‘trophy’ specimen just about anywhere you care to cast a line. The bream clan certainly ticks all those boxes. Bream of one sort or another live on the doorsteps of all of our major coastal cities and towns, and also within a few hours drive of most of the country’s population.

The debut Kaydo Fishing Challenge

To enter a bream in the challenge yopu must submit a photo of your catch on a brag mat as pictured here.

To enter a bream in the challenge you must submit a photo of your catch, with your official challenge number, on a brag mat as pictured here.

Currently underway, this first Kaydo Fishing Challenge runs from 1st February until the 30th April, 2015. All the recognized bream species are included: the eastern and western yellowfin bream, southern black bream, pikey bream and north western black bream… and even their close cousin, the tarwhine, often better known as a silver bream over in the Wild West. Although they only grow to a maximum of a couple of kilos, all of these wonderful fish all attract an immense amount of attention from Australia’s anglers, and it’s not too hard to see why. They’re good looking, hard-fighting, very tasty and — above all — quite tricky and challenging targets that can really test our fishing abilities at times … As I said, they certainly tick all the right boxes!
What could be more fun than this - great bream fishing and a holiday to the Northern Territory!

What could be more fun than this – great bream fishing and a holiday to the Northern Territory!

These fascinating fish are also the subject of my ongoing series of how-to features elsewhere on the Kaydo Fishing World site, so be sure to check those out! My current Kaydo bream series focuses in depth on chasing these fish using lures — one of my absolute favourite forms of fishing. But you can use bait, lures or flies, and any form of tackle or technique that’s legal in your state or territory, to target the bream clan during this first Kaydo Challenge. However, one thing you’ll almost definitely need when targeting bream is a reasonable degree of ‘finesse’ in your fishing, and you’ll also find an informative series from me about Finesse Fishing on the Kaydo Fishing World website. Be sure to follow that one as well, as it’ll definitely help you in this Challenge.

How to get involved

A solid sized bream - the perfect candidate for the Kaydo Fishing Challenge.

A solid sized bream – the perfect candidate for the Kaydo Fishing Challenge.

So, how do you get involved in the Kaydo Bream Challenge? Well, first of all, you’ll need to be a member of Kaydo Fishing World, which is easy. As well as granting you unlimited entry to the Challenge, membership offers all sorts of other fantastic benefits and bonuses. Once you join up, you’ll be issued with a membership number. That membership number is vital, and needs to be clearly displayed whenever you photograph any fish you enter in the ongoing quarterly Challenges. Once you’ve been issued with your membership number, write it or print it out in large, clearly-legible letters and numbers on a piece of paper or thin cardboard. It’s probably not a bad idea to get this laminated, or to pop it in a zip-sealed plastic bag to protect it from the elements … And don’t forget to take it with you every single time you go fishing!
Bream kept in a live well then carefully put into a net for release.

Bream kept in a live well then carefully put into a net for release.

Okay, now all you need to do is grab your camera (or phone with a built-in camera), fishing gear, commercially-made brag mat or measuring board and membership number… And then go fishing! Next, catch yourself a bream or a tarwhine — making sure it satisfies the legal minimum length requirements where you’re fishing, of course. You will need to measure and photograph the catch exactly as shown on the Kaydo Fishing World website and in the accompanying video clips, with your membership number clearly displayed on the commercially manufactured brag mat or measurer, right alongside your fish. In addition, you’ll need to obtain a clear picture of you holding the fish fairly close to your body. Then simply log onto the Kaydo Fishing World site and upload your entry… It’s really as simple as that! You’ll earn one point per centimetre, and you can always upgrade or ‘supersize’ later if you catch a bigger bream or tarwhine within the challenge period! There’s no limit to the number of fish you can enter. Because the good folks at Kaydo Fishing World are all about promoting sustainable fishing, there’s also a major bonus on offer, consisting of an extra 20 points if you submit a video of yourself releasing the fish alive and well to fight another day! As I said, all of these steps are clearly explained on the Kaydo Fishing World site, along with the full rules and regulations for the Challenge, so be sure to study them closely and watch the video clip about the Challenge.

What can I win?

As explained, the Kaydo Fishing World challenge is unique, and offers anglers right across the country the chance to compete with one another on a level playing field for two amazing holidays — each for two people. These major prizes are fishing trips for two to incredible Clearwater Island Lodge, located on fish-rich Melville Island in the Top End. Each trip is valued at over $10,000! There are several other significant prizes on offer, too, including some great tackle from Shimano. Remember, all you have to do to win is become a Member, catch a bream or tarwhine, measure and photograph it with your Kaydo Fishing World membership number, and then submit your entry on-line! So, that’s it! What are you waiting for? Join Kaydo Fishing World today and take part in the Kaydo Fishing Challenge!

It may be just a humble bream but this iconic species can help you win the fishing adventure of a lifetime – a trip to Clearwater Island Lodge in the Northern Territory.


About Steve Starling

Steve Starling is one of Australia’s most prolific and widely recognisable fishing communicators. With four-decades of experience as a specialist angling writer and on-screen presenter Starlo, as he’s better known these days, draws on a rich wealth of knowledge that runs the full angling spectrum -from ultra-light tackle fly fishing to big game fishing for the giants of the ocean.

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