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Fish Talk

Finesse Fishing: Part 3

Finesse Fishing: The lighter, finer, more subtle and cunning your presentation, the more fish you’ll hook.

Pinkies on Dusk – Port Phillip Bay

Check out the Pinkies/ Squire action at Port Phillip Bay as Troy and Scott show us the tricks for catching these sought after fish .
Fish Talk

The All Aussie Top 10: Page 1 of 3

Dan lists the first three destinations of his top 10 easily accessible Aussie fishing hotspots for bait, lure and flyfishing fans.
Fish Talk

Back to Basics: Fishing foreshores – you never know what you might find

Seeking out your local area for these hidden gems and learning the lay of the fishing land you may be amazed what is on offer right on your doorstep.
Fish Talk

So you want to catch more mud crabs?

Like all forms of fishing, the practice of chasing down a feed of mud crabs is a little more difficult than it looks.