Tackle Talk : Using Electronics – Clearer images on your Sounder

What to get the best out of your Electronics? Introducing a new series in Tackle Talk – using Electronics. Dale Ward shares his knowledge and useful techniques in getting the most out of your Electronics.

The first video in this series is based on obtaining clearer images on your sounder, then watch your lure underwater in action. Watch and learn as we welcome you to the first video in this series all about using your Electronics

Dale Ward

About Dale Ward

Dale Ward grew up in both Sydney and Country Victoria and has fished as far back as he can remember. Dale has found himself casting lures at both freshwater and saltwater species along the East-Coast and prides himself as a new member of the Kaydo Fishing World team.


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Dan Kaggelis

About Dan Kaggelis

Born in Tully, North Queensland, Dan cut his fishing teeth in the region’s freshwater rivers chasing the tropical triumvirate of sooty grunter, jungle perch and barramundi. With fishing running thick in the Kaggelis family, Dan was fortunate to experience many extended trips to the Western Cape and Gulf of Carpentaria from a young age. This instilled a deep affection for the sport. Living so close to Great Barrier Reef, offshore fishing was also very much included in recreational activities as was free diving and spearfishing.


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