Tackle Options For Bass

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One happy angler with a 40-something centimetre bass.

A light spin or baitcast combo such as a 2-4kg rod with matched and balanced reel to suit.

Best line and leader options for bass depend upon where you are fishing. Braid of 6 to 8 pounds is a wise starting point, coupled with a leader of 1.5 metres of 8kg mono or fluorocarbon.

If you are targeting bass on top –

Surface lures such as cicadas, popper, sliders, jitterbugs and crazy crawlers are best fished slowly. An erratic start, stop retrieve works well. For slow to respond fish try blooping the lure, waiting for the wake to subside, then subtly bloop again.

Or fishing down below –

Jackall’s are very popular as are spinnerbaits, jigs and soft plastics fished on a range of jig heads from ultra light upward, depending on desired depth and action.

Giving fly a try

Fly anglers can use anything from a 6 to an 8 weight flyrod. Floating, intermediate and fast sinking lines are all beneficial for bass. In the middle of winter when the bass can be schooled up in deeper water, a fast sink line can help get the fly to the deep-holding fish. At other times, such as dawn and dusk during the warmer summer months, a floating or intermediate flyline is best choice – particularly when fishing surface or near-surface flies. Fly leader wise – 4 to 6 kilo tippet is recommended. A tapered leader will help you cleanly deliver your fly so a typical leader might look like this – 2 feet of 4 kg tippet, 2 feet of 6 – 8kg tippet and a butt of 2 feet of 10 – 15kg mono.

Getting the lure down to the bass’s level is critical to success when fishing during the middle of the day.


Seasonal Closures

It’s not only the various states that have differing fisheries laws on bass seasons, there are many regional variations as well! For example many local weirs or dams exclude bass fishing from 400m either side of the wall. It pays to look into your local and state fishing laws prior to gearing up for a bass trip. Bass are an iconic Aussie species and as such should be respected. They are not good eating and should be carefully released after capture.  
bass reel

A well-balanced baitcast combo is a popular choice for lure anglers chasing Australian bass.



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