Renegade 440 Centre Console + Yamaha F60 4-Stroke boat overview

This is the ever popular Quintrex Renegade 440, but in a Centre Console configuration, something we don’t see to much.

The renegades ride is just fantastic. We’ve shown this is many videos in the past and encourage you to look at the ride quality in comparison to a different boat.

Under this Renegade is the Quintrex Aluminium i-beam trailer for easy drive on/off trailering, with no corrosion. A quality lightweight trailer that will last the life of the boat. Even the winch strap is high quality, it’s the small things you don’t think about that make a difference.

And then there is the biggest feature of all, the Quintrex Blade hull, an evolution of the famous Millennium Hull. This hull is the best money can buy for this kind of boat. The deep entry at the front splices the water, whilst the wide chines ride on the confused and aerated water, acting like a cushion. An unbeatable ride that’s softer, drier, and safer than a standard hull.

Included is an accessory pack which includes your Nav lights and an automatic bilge pump which is installed at the rear of the boat just under the battery tray. You’ll notice the quality of the fit out which is carried out at Brisbane Yamaha. Our technicians are the best in the industry. The wiring and isolation switch is neat and functional. Another point of difference when you purchase a Quintrex from Brisbane Yamaha.

A nice casting deck at the rear houses a live bait tank and some storage compartments.

Is the F60hp Yamaha 4-Stroke the best outboard ever made? Being the maximum horse power for this boat the F60hp will push this boat along like a rocket! A perfect pairing for this boat.

There are multiple seat positions around the boat making the layout customisable.

In the middle is a sturdy rigid centre console with a Garmin sounder and the Yamaha Gauges installed.

For more information on the Quintrex Renegade range, call Aaron or Paul on 3888 1727, or visit:

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