Quintrex Hornet F500 + Yamaha F115hp 4-stroke boat review

If you are purchasing your first tournament boat, or your last tournament boat, the Quintrex Hornet 500 is perfect for you. This boat is a high achiever and keeps those expensive american imported tournament boats in check, for a fraction of the price. Plus you can actually take this boat out in the bay and skii with it!

A lot of people have been talking about the Hornet 500 and there’s a lot of excitement around it.

Under this boat is everyone’s favourite marine trailer, the Telwater Aluminium i-beam. Built tough and corrosion resistant, but more importantly under the boat is the famous Quintrex Fighter series 4mm hull, with a nice deep entry and huge wide chines for maximum stability at rest and also superior handling at high speeds and in choppy conditions.

Right at the front is the Quintrex Picklefork front which give the boat more storage space, a nice platform right at the front of the boat, and a bigger hull ‘footprint’ which again increases the stability of the boat. A raised section at the front is designed to mount an electric motor, which are getting very popular these days as people realise they are the future of fishing.

At the back is Yamaha’s legendary F115hp 4-stroke. When the F115 changed in 2012 they really pushed forward in the market, smashing anything in a similar HP range. The Yamaha F115hp is an exception motor and we challenge you to see for yourself out on the water.

The Yamaha Guages include everything you’ll want to know about your motor. Idle up and down is also included, as well as many other features.

These boats are a capable offshore boat and will handle the bay, estuaries and of course the rivers, creeks, and dams with ease, making this a very versatile boat.

Around the inside of the boat is PLENTY of storage. The kind of person who buys a Hornet typically has lots of gear. All of your gear will fit into the storage compartments, keeping the deck of the boat clutter free, which is very important when you start hooking up to the fish. Quintrex has done a great job on the design of this boat with the massive casting platforms and hull ‘footprint’ making the boat incredibly stable. The boat is also very beamy.

If you would like to know more on the Hornet 500 or anything in the Quintrex range, call the team on 3888 1727 or visit: http://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/quin…

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