Quintrex Explorer 390 + Yamaha F25hp 4-stroke boat review

The Quintrex 390 Explorer is one of the most popular tinnies out there! In terms of a tinnie, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Right at the very front of the boat is a picklefork front which gives you much more room up the front and also means that the side of your boat is wider towards the front which gives you more storage space inside the boat as well as better stability. There’s so much room at the bow of the boat and it’s stable enough that it can be used as a casting platform, which is unheard of in a boat of this size.

Behind the front thwart seat is a nice casting deck with a nice storage space underneath. Under the thward seat is a glove box with 2 cup holders. This glovebox is perfect for your keys, phone, etc. Nice and safe.

There’s a nice low carpeted floor. The thrawt seats are welded in which gives added strength.

At the back is an absolute favorite, the Yamaha F25HP 4-Stroke. We put a 4-Stroke on this 390 as 2-Strokes are being phased out soon so these nice little 4-Strokes will be the standard for these tinnies. This 4-Stroke is feature packed with; idle up and down, electric start, kill button, power trim & tilt, and more. We always put a top quality water separating fuel filter in our boats which leads on to the Yamaha Fuel Tank. These Yamaha Fuel Tanks are just fantastic. They’re incredibly strong, well made, and reliable.

An alloy trailer is included as standard in this package. Quintrex’s Alloy trailers are top quality and won’t rust. They last the life of the boat! The winch has a nice strap instead of a cable, a welcomed feature.

As you will see in the on water test, the F25 performs extremely well. The 390 easily reached 50kmph, and is quiet peaky! It has a lot of punch. It is feature packed. The idle up and down feature is exceptional when trawling. We tested how slow it could go and we were staying still in the current, so that means the lowest RPM range is very small. Yamaha have really put a lot of reasearch and development in this F25.

The drone will show you that the 390 Explorer is a very large boat, nice a beamy. As mentioned previously the picklefork front maximizes the footprint of the boat in the water and increases the stability and storage area quite substantially. The picklefork front is often an overlooked feature, but really does make a difference.

For more information on the Quintrex 390 Explorer, or any of the Quintrex range, call the team on 3888 1727, or visit: http://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/quin…


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