Quintrex Dory Blade 520 + Yamaha F60hp 4-Stroke boat review

We’re calling out for all the crab fishermen and large tinnie fans out there because this is the king of all tinnies. The legendary Dory 520 with a Millennium/Blade hull.

Those who are lucky enough to own a 520 Dory just keep them. They are extremely rare on the used boat market.

The big difference with the Quintrex Dory Blade 520 is all in the hull, it boasts Quintrex’s famous Millennium Hull, now known as the Blade Hull, which is the softest, driest, and most stable hull available on the market.

Powered by a Yamaha F60hp 4-Stroke makes this package measly on fuel, powerful, efficient, and reliable. It really is the best of everything when it comes to a Tinnie. The Multi functional tiller handle is the top of the market and includes heaps of features, such as idle up and down, perfect for trawling or cruising along a bank.

This outboard pushes along the boat without effort. Reaching a high top end speed whilst using little fuel. How does getting to and from Tangalooma for $10 sound?

The Dory is built tough. Quintrex add lots of areas of reinforced strengthening and have more ribs per foot than other brands. Brisbane Yamaha’s technicians have fitted the boat up neatly and professionally. The work Brisbane Yamaha do will last the life of the boat.

The 520 Dory is beamy…seriously wide, perfect for storing heaps of crab pots or fishing gear.

As you can see in the video, the Blade Hull handles chop with ease. The ride is smooth and dry. Compare this to a standard hull!

For more information on the Quintrex Dory Blade 520, call the team on 3888 1727 or visit: http://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/quin

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