Polycraft Drifta 450 + Yamaha F60 4-Stroke Tiller boat review

Plastic Boats? What are they about? Why do people who own them, love them? There’s a number of benefits that make plastic boats superior to anything on the market. Firstly they’re indestructible. You can run them up against the rocks or ramp and it’ll be find. Just a few scratches. Also the polyethylene will float on it’s own. You literally can’t sink a Polycraft. Secondly repairing is easy, just sand/grind back the damage, re-weld with plastic welding, sand/grind again to shape and your done! And thirdly, and most importantly, plastic boats are QUIET! Very quiet. You can sneak up on the fish without slapping or banging, which isn’t possible in a metal or fibreglass boat. You can drop something in the boat, and the vibrations are absorbed by the boat, not carried through the water. This means you’ll catch more fish.

This is the secret to Polycraft and why they’ve been around for decades.

Polycraft have a large range with stacks of options and colour choices.

This boat is a 450 Drifter, a wide open boat which is perfect for crabbing, netting, fishing, and more. You can’t damage the boat with all of your gear, and you won’t scare the fish away with all the banging of equipment whilst using it. Polycraft are a secret weapon for many commercial fishermen.

On the bottom is an Oceanic Trailer, the recommended trailer for this boat which has a unique way to support the boat. Due to the strength and material of Polycraft, multiple rollers are not needed, just a couple of skid pads and a pair of center pads to support the keel.

The fitout Brisbane Yamaha have done on this boat is excellent with a top of the range switch panel and even an USB charger to charge your phones or electronics.

On the back is a Yamaha F60 4-Stroke Multi Functional Tiller Handle. Packed with features and legendary reliability, performance, and efficiency, this is one of the best outboards ever made. The idle up and down trawling feature is a favourite for a boat like this.

For more information on the Polycraft 450 Drifter, or anything else in the Polycraft range, call Paul or Aaron for a great deal on 3888 1727 or visit: http://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/poly…


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