Polycraft Challenger 410 + Yamaha 30HP boat review

You can’t sink a boat that’s made of unsinkable materials.

Polycraft are the original Polyethylene boats, made from the same stuff as your wheelie bin. There are many benefits to having a poly boat, firstly they are unsinkable. Polyethylene doesn’t sink on its own, so even if you cut your boat in half, it would still float! Or both sides of it anyway. Polyethylene is extremely tough and durable. You can drive right up on the rocks and the boat will have a few scratches but will be fine. And if you seriously damage it, repairing is easier than you think, just weld some poly on there, grab a grinder and reshape it back to the way it was.

But the real secret to the success of Polycraft and Polyethylene boats, and why so many love them is that they’re quiet in the water! They’re the quietest boat you can buy. The Polyethylene doesn’t ‘slap’ or ‘bang’ in the water, even when at rest. The vibrations produced from metal and fibreglass boats CAN and DOES effect the fish around your boat. Polycraft boats allow you to sneak up to a fishing spot undetected.

Polycraft are made locally in Queensland and have been a favourite to those that own them for many decades, seriously your Polycraft will last decades.

They come on a custom designed trailer with skid strips down the centre for the keel of the boat to rest on, quite a unique trailer setup to suit a unique boat.

For more information on the Polycraft range, call Aaron or Paul on 3888 1727, or visit: http://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/poly…

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