New Murasame Kayak Rod

The Murasame Kayak Rod was designed right here in Australia by Kaydo’s very own Pro Angler Caine (Caino) Goward this rod was designed for structure type fishing either from kayak, Boat or land based where short sharp accurate casts are needed when surrounded by obstacles either fishing pylons or heavy brush where a 7ft rod is uncast able.

You will feel every little vibration traveling down your line to your hand ”Caino” explaines it as such – If a fish farts near your line you will feel it!! In this rod there is no hiding when it comes to the sensitivity of it. You will now definitely know the difference between subtle nibbles, weeds, or the bottom.This heightened sensitivity and ground breaking light weight rod still comes with a powerful butt section to apply pressure to large specimens. Get one and you will be in a class by yourself weighing in under 60 grams this rod is sure to make waves in the angling world.


Murasame Kayak Rod 5’6 ULS

1 Piece

Line Rating 2-8lbs

Lure Cast Weight 1-12gm

40 Ton Japanese Graphite

Fuji KR Concept Braid Friendly Guides

Beautifully Appointed Fuji reel seat

Superb Quality Fittings

Comes with Cloth Bag

Due to hit the market late September to stores all around Australia Kaydo have a exclusive Pre-Order for 10 rods only be the first to own this magnificent rod before it hits the shelves. Check out more at


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Bill Dunn

About Bill Dunn

Me....well my first fishing memories are at lakes Entrance and Bright, both in Victoria with my family when I was about 10-12 years of age. Since I have always taken a rod and reel when away,and whilst never been good at it, i find it very relaxing. Yak fishing started for me when i was in my early 20's on the rivers and coastal areas around the ACT, I would take my fibreglass slalom kayak and a rod, tent etc.

About 6 years ago I got a bit more serious and started looking into yak fishing again and it didnt take me long to realise it was a fast growing version of the sport.

These days, I still live in Canberra, and a few kayaks on, I still find it theraputic and at the same time challanging. More recently I have been helping new comers into the sport with advice and tips on kayaks and set up, the fishing I leave to them.

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