Mallacoota Flathead PB

From Blair B

“During a recent trip to Mallacoota I was lucky enough to hook into a big flathead.

Fishing the last bit of bank for the trip I cast my newly rigged 3.5″ Hooked on Plastics Paddle tail, in Bloodworm with added UV, along the bank.

After letting the lure sink to the bottom I lifted and felt the dead weight of a snag, but this snagged started moving along the bank towards me. OMG this is something big! My son took over the electric motor taking us out into the open and relieving me of the worry of the fish taking me around a snag. I settled in for a fight for as long as it would take. Not knowing where the lure was placed I went light on the drag ensuring she didn’t do the classic side to side head shake of an angry flathead. After 15 min of gaining line and letting her run she was ready for the net.

I had someone I could rely up on the net (my wife) and like a precision instrument the flathead slid into the net and onto the deck of the boat. Thankfully the 2/0 Jigman jighead was securely embedded in the top of the mouth and the Toray Excellent fluorocarbon leader was frayed but had done its job well.

Measuring an impressive 84cm, after spending time in the live well and some photos I gave her a long swim beside the boat. She started to bite down on my hand giving me the indication she was ready to go back to the depths. A new personal best for me and an experience I got to share with my wife and son made it even more special.”

Nice fish Blair thanks for showing us

Thanks from the Kaydo Team

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