Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Review

Ben Coombes reviews the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti and finds the out-of-the-box product to be a breeze to install and use.

Having owned a few sounders over the years from the Lowrance Elite series, it was no surprise that when the new Elite-7 Ti was launched, I wanted to get my hands on one. Being a 7 inch touch screen unit combined with the TotalScan Transducer and Navionics Plus card, it would be the perfect addition to my little tub and a big upgrade from the Elite 5 HDI that I had been using.

I was impressed by this sleek new unit straight out of the box. No more large side panels filled with buttons reducing screen size, the new 7 Ti is all screen! Although there are a couple of small buttons squeezed down one side and a micro SD card slot hidden behind a rubber Lowrance logo on the other.

Installation was a breeze. Everything you need to get up and running is in the box and takes no time at all.

After starting up the unit for the first time and setting up the basics (time, date, units, etc), it was time to put to the test.

The first session on the water with the new unit was nothing short of epic! I hit a bream spot that I was very familiar with to see what difference this new unit would make to my fishing… it made all the difference!

My screen setup is generally a split screen, Sonar on the top half and HD SideScan on the bottom. Nothing can hide! One of the things that I enjoy most about the Elite-7 Ti is how easy it is to adjust to get great sounder readings. Just change the colour line and sensitivity settings in in the side bar menu. Whether you’re fishing the salt or freshwater impoundments, it’s so simple to get optimal readings out of this unit. Once you’re done, the side menu can be swiped away, giving you an unobstructed view of of the screen.

Probably my favourite feature on this unit is the ability to scroll back through a drift or an area you have sounded out and drop a pin on something that looks interesting or a school of fish that was marked.

All in all, the Elite-7 Ti is an epic unit for the price and a simple unit to use. It’s also jam packed full of features you would expect from a high end unit!

Ben Coombes, Australia


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