This is an exciting new event to hit the competition scene. On November 13th the very first Kaydo Dash 4 Cash took place at Mallacoota on the pre-fish Friday the day before the Shimano Reel It In Flathead Challenge.

This was an invitational event that saw the best of the best battling it out for cash prizes with a pool of $3250 to be shared amongst the Top 3 finishes . The Reel It In team joined the Top 10 from last year’s Flathead Challenge and another 5 teams were invited to participate – 16 teams in total . It was a huge success with many Flathead Challenge entrants wanting a piece of the action next year.
One of the fine flathead caught during the inaugural Kaydo Dash 4 Cash event.

One of the fine flathead caught during the inaugural Kaydo Dash 4 Cash event.

Big Incentives!

Each team paid an entry fee which went towards the cash prizes and trophies . 1st Place – $2100 2nd Place – $800 3rd Place – $350 The starting time was 8:00am and the concluding time was 1:00pm so in that 5 hour period it was your best 5 flathead in total length . Each team was given a brag mat and a key tag in order to take photo’s of your flathead on the brag mat provided as this was a catch and release competition . The weather was perfect at first with not even a breathe of wind but as soon as the fishing commenced in typical Mallacoota fashion up came the wind and everywhere you tried to hide from the wind it appeared making conditions rather different. IMG_5117-small-25

Wind & Rain

  On the Wednesday & Thursday before the Kaydo Challenge it rained heavily for 2 straight days which had an immediate effect on the estuary system and the bigger flathead went off the bite which made the fishing real tough.   A lot of fish between 33-42 cm were getting caught and that 1 big flathead you needed to upsize your bag of 5 flathead was proving to be tough . Kaydo Fishing World sent their film crew down for the whole weekend and jumped on board with the Reel It In team who were also joined by Leroy Horton from Shimano and was able to film the whole event , which will be aired soon on Kaydo Fishing World’s website in the coming months.

Worked Hard For An Upgrade

It’s fair to say team Reel It In was finding it tough to upgrade on there high 30’s low 40’s size flathead the boys threw every Squidgy soft plastic available to try and find a bigger flathead. They eventually hooked a nice 55cm flathead in the Bottom Lake of Mallacoota Inlet, giving the boys a little hope but as time was running out they felt they just hadn’t done enough and weren’t confident of even a top 10 finish. While out on the water the general feeling for all teams which you came across was the fishing was real hard work but everyone was keeping tight lipped on what they had actually caught not wanting to give too much away. The judging of the photo’s started at 5 pm at the Mallacoota Hotel which was host for the whole weekend , judged by Jordan Habib and a local Lisbeth Collett where you received 2 points per cm e.g. – a 45cm flathead = 90 points. The presentation began around 6pm where Reel It Inteam member Troy Eaton spoke about Kaydo Fishing World and the website and thanked Kaydo for sponsoring this Dash 4 Cash competition then Jordan Habib revealed the winners.

Kaydo Fishing World’s first Dash 4 Cash was held in conjunction with the Shimano Reel It In Flathead Challenge.


Some Quality Catches

Ryan Knight from team ATTITUDE took out Biggest Flathead for the day with a nice 63cm flathead then we went onto the winners. Team McGRATH LURES came in 3rd place and received $350 then in 2nd place was team Attitude taking home $800 then in 1st place were the winners of the Shiman Reel It In Flathead Challenge in 2014 team Dusky Busters who received $ 2100 cash, a trophy each and the major trophy which will have there named etched onto it for all to see in the future. So a massive congratulations to team Dusky Busters who are proving very hard to beat at present . DSC_0963-30 DSC_0971-32

Fantastic Day Out

All in all it was a fantastic day and created a real buzz at the Hotel for the other 160 competitors watching on and waiting for the briefing to start for the 2015 Shimano Reel It In Flathead Challenge. Seeing the cash prizes and trophies made teams really keen to qualify and finish in the Top 10 in this years Shimano Reel It In flathead Challenge so they too can compete next year for the cash prizes.
‘A massive thanks for all that participated and especially Kaydo Fishing World for being naming and major sponsor of this years Dash 4 Cash.’
Troy Eaton & Scott Wakefield

About Troy Eaton & Scott Wakefield

We have been keen fisherman since our early childhood and have spent fishing experiences together in learning and experiencing all facets of fishing in the Victorian region. In our early years we weren't afraid to ask questions and were really keen to achieve the best results we could with our fishing.


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