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Rod Harrison

About Rod Harrison

“I have met many great anglers and one of the best is Harro,” says world renowned flyfishing legend Lefty Kreh.

“He is built like a bank vault with a square body, powerful legs, a torso that says strength and forearms the size of my thighs.

“He is probably the most respected fishing writer in Australia and one of the most interesting characters I have ever met. Australia is known as the land of ‘interesting characters’ and from my experience I would rate Harro as near the top of the heap.”

High praise indeed, and richly deserved as anyone who knows the great man would attest.

Rod Harrison is a sportfishing ‘lifer’.

At the cutting edge of the sport since the 1970s, he remains at the top of his game and continues to spend the amount of time on the water that the rest of us only dream about.

A former shearer and street cop, he has since guided fisherfolk extensively in both fresh and saltwater, his most recent venture being at Queensland’s world renowned big barra paradise, Lake Awoonga.

Rod’s fishing CV is studded with firsts. The first yellowfin tuna on cubes, billfish on fly, Murray cod on surface lures – just to mention a few.

His thoroughly researched and entertaining writings have been published in a number of languages. Harro authored books are the authorities in their field and his 80s vintage DVDs remain in high demand.

Rod chooses not to be sponsored by tackle companies however his development activities include Bionic Braid, a world-leading Australian-made product.

Widely and warmly known by his trademark nickname, Harro shares boats with anglers from all walks of life – from keen kids up to international celebrities such as Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Dan Blanton and Gary Loomis.

The voices of these international angling luminaries form part of the concrete credibility on which Harro’s reputation so strongly stands.