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Mick Winterton

About Mick Winterton

Introduced to the sport by his grandfather at the tender age of 5, Mick Winterton has been a fishing fanatic almost all his life. At that young age his path was set for life – unless it had fins and swam in the water he simply wasn’t interested in it.

Religiously collecting any fishing magazine he could find, his childhood heroes were not film or football stars but names such as Harro, Butler, Simpson, McCrystal and a host of others.

Mick cut his teeth on bags of whiting, ‘Yank’ flathead and ‘knobbly headed’ snapper. By mid-teens his fly interest was sparked and he began swatting the flats of Port Albert where many unlucky flathead and salmon played along.

At the age of 15 Mick moved to Melbourne and began his 10-year commitment in Jim Allen’s tackle emporium, the Compleat Angler.

Managing The Compleat Fly fisher for 5-years, Mick organised the production of two annual catalogues and his passion for fly-fishing was further strengthened. Between 1995 and 1998 Mick escorted groups of keen anglers to New Zealand to tackle trout and throw flies to unstoppable kingfish and snapper from the rocks of the North Island.

The end of 1997 saw Mick pack his bags and head to the Top-End of Oz in search of unstoppable fly-eating fish. He established his guiding business ‘Fishing Therapy’ and worked at famous fishing locations including Barra Base, Jesse River, Goose Creek and Snake Bay. Fly fishing the north greatly increased Mick’s learning curve and he was able to fish with guides such as Mark West, Wazz Smith and Les Woodbridge.

During his time guiding he committed spare time to freelance writing and had articles published in Fly Life, Fishing World, Modern Fishing and Sport Fishing magazine.

Mick become part of a in-the-field advisory team for the Strudwick Rod Company and during this period he would pack his bags and head south for summer in Tasmania. Fishing and guiding with some fantastic anglers for wild Tasmanian trout, Mick teamed up with Brett Wolf at Blue Lake lodge for several seasons. Together they showed anglers from around the world the sensational dry fly fishing.

During the past 6 years Mick has found himself back in the wholesale and retail world of fishing tackle. This has allowed him to spend time fishing for the fantastic species of North Queensland including fly fishing for permit, black marlin and big impoundment barra. An all-round angler, one of Mick’s greatest passions is soft plastic lure casting for trophy fingermark or ‘choppers’ as they are commonly known in the north.

Mick firmly believes in passing on knowledge to other anglers. Always keen to learn, he owes many fishing memories to a generous group of anglers who have shared their knowledge with him.

Being able to fish with childhood legends such as Jim Allen, Dean Butler, Rod Harrison and a whole bunch of others has helped add to his versatility and reputation as a ‘fish catching guide’.