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Lubin Pfeiffer

About Lubin Pfeiffer

Accomplished angler Lubin Pfeiffer lives in South Australia’s glorious Barossa Valley and is fortunate to have started fishing from a very young age.

He enjoys all facets of the sport, targeting the vast majority of inshore species that inhabit waters of the southern states.
Lubin holds the honour of representing Australia three times at an international level in competition fly fishing.

He is currently a member of Rapala Australia’s Pro Staff and regularly travels throughout the country and overseas in search fantastic fishing experiences.

Some of his favourite piscatorial targets include fishing for trout in fast-flowing water and lakes and angling for giant cod from the mighty Murray River.

Not at all a land lubber, Lubin also loves to fish for big snapper on lures as well as the skilful sport of sight casting large kingfish in shallow water.