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Kyle Hammer

About Kyle Hammer

Growing up in Moranbah, a small regional town in central QLD, as a young fella back in those days, afternoons and weekends consisted of any activity that involved the outback. Haven this opportunity as a kid, also allowed me to gain some knowledge and life skills to survive in the bush, which definitely helped prepare me for this journey. As for many kids these days, the technology side of things has really taken over, with all sorts of gadgets and electronics available. Instead of getting a PlayStation or some gaming tablet for a birthday, I was given a tomahawk at the age of 8 (no tree was safe).

I will never forget the day my Dad brought me my first fishing rod and took myself and two brothers down to the beach to try out our hand at whiting fishing. And that was it, after filling our old potato sacks with whiting, bream and a few flatheads for that evenings dinner, “I was hooked”. Whenever an opportunity arose to get outdoors and get my hands dirty, I was there.

As the years went on, and different life choices were made, I finally managed to coax myself away from the fuel guzzling V8’s and started my Off Road adventures in the 4X4 scene.

In January 2015, I decided to fit out my 2007 4X4 Toyota Hilux Sr5, Manual Extra Cab, and hit the road to tour this vast continent of ours, we call Australia.