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Jamie Robley

About Jamie Robley

Based on the New South Wales Central Coast, less than two hour’s drive north of Sydney, Jamie Robley started fishing around his local lakes at an early age. Bream, flathead and tailor were the main source of entertainment for a young Jamie but of course, like many other kids who’ve been bitten by the bug, he quickly became interested in other species and more advanced styles of fishing.
 The Central Coast is blessed with a broad spectrum of angling opportunities so it was easy enough to find plenty of good places to try. With a little help from his father and uncle, both also being keen anglers, Jamie became particularly interested in chasing luderick or blackfish as he prefers to call them.
 He continued to specialise in traditional blackfish techniques and also became obsessed with mulloway and pursuing bream and flathead with lures instead of bait. Although many years have passed these species remain among his favourites.
 Jamie’s first article was published in Fishing World magazine in 1993 and since then he has contributed to many more publications including Trailerboat Fisherman, Saltwater Fishing, Modern Fishing, NSW Fishing Monthly, Blade, FishLife and Barra, Bass & Bream.
 As you will see on the pages of Kadydo Fishing World, Kayak fishing for bream and bass, as well as lure casting from the rocks are his main angling pursuits these days. That said he will still throw a bait or lure at anything with fins if the need or opportunity arises. Racking up around 200 fishing days per year, he remains as enthusiastic as ever and doesn’t mind sharing his vast experience to help others.