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About Goshie

Goshie has been targeting large pelagic gamefish from the ocean rocks for over 16 years and is one of the most experienced LBG anglers in Australia. This keen rockhopper began his LBG career in the late nineties by chasing smaller pelagics such as bonito, rat kings and Aussie salmon from the sandstone ledges in his hometown of Sydney.
Nowadays Goshie travels around Australia six months a year following the warm oceanic currents around the country in search of large predatory fish. Some of his favourite locations include Jervis Bay in NSW, The Town of 1770 in Central Qld and Steep Point in the remote WA coastline.
Goshie is experienced in all aspects of LBG and uses a wide variety of techniques such as live baiting, high-speed spinning and gas ballooning. During his time on the rocks he has captured many trophy fish including longtail tuna, yellowfin tuna, kingfish, cobia, Spanish mackerel, sailfish and even black marlin all from the shore.
This LBG fanatic has been a freelance journalist since 2006 and spent numerous years as a regular contributor for Saltwater Fishing Magazine. He has also written for many other popular publications such as Modern Fishing, Hooked Up Magazine and Western Angler.
Wilson Tackle has been Goshie’s major sponsor for over a decade and he is also sponsored by Locked Up Fishing Accessories, Assassin Fishing Australia and Tonic Eyewear.