Kaydo Pro Team

Troy Eaton & Scott Wakefield

About Troy Eaton & Scott Wakefield

We have been keen fisherman since our early childhood and have spent fishing experiences together in learning and experiencing all facets of fishing in the Victorian region. In our early years we weren’t afraid to ask questions and were really keen to achieve the best results we could with our fishing. We commenced our apprenticeship with fishing on big Flathead, our preferred species , and we still today have a laugh at some of the ways we tried to catch fish back then. No one showed us any tricks and it took many trips to produce our first 10lb Flathead, but it was worth it. Working it out ourselves is something we are proud of. Years down the track, it happens a lot more regularly now catching the ultimate Flathead, with catching a few over 15lb. We make the most of our fishing, fishing from dusk to dawn and fish hard. We started filming our fishing trips and commenced Reel It In and showing them You Tube which has proved popular amongst fellow fisherman. We achieved success with our episode “How to Catch Big Dusky Flathead “with over 90000 views today. In 2013 we created and ran our Reel It In Flathead Challenge at Mallacoota which was an absolute success. This year the event has grown again with some great sponsors behind us. Our goal is to make this Victoria’s Premier Flathead Event