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Ben Knaggs

About Ben Knaggs

Born and bred in South Australia, Ben’s love of fishing developed from a very early age and evolved to become an obsession which would ultimately shape his life.

Actively involved in fishing related journalism from his mid teens, Ben has written articles for most Australian fishing titles and served as editor of Saltwater Fishing magazine for eight years.

During this time, Ben was lucky enough to fish all around Australia as well as overseas.
He has notched up a comprehensive species list and experienced some of the finest sport fishing all manner of destinations our fish-filled land has to offer.
Ben enjoys all forms of fishing but rates light-tackle lure casting and small-boat game fishing as his favourite styles.

Currently living in Exmouth, Western Australia, Ben reckons it is the best sport fishing spot in the country. Given the array of sport and game fish available along this near-perfect stretch of Indian Ocean coast, it’s difficult to not agree with him.