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Al McGlashan

About Al McGlashan

“My gut feeling is in the future when the history of Australian angling is written this young man, Alistair McGlashan, will stand amongst the elite.” Rex Hunt forward to The Complete Fishing Bible
Al McGlashan is one of Australia’s best-known fishos and has built a reputation on catching some of the nation’s biggest fish.
A father of two, Al spends more than 200 days a year on the water. He doesn’t take the easy route on charter boats, instead getting out there and doing it all himself on a trailer boat just like 5-million other Aussie anglers.
Despite no formal training in photojournalism (in fact his English teacher still doesn’t believe he writes for a living!) Al has built a business revolving around his passion.
After humble beginnings Al now contributes to more magazines and papers than all other fishing writers in the country. His articles are translated into several languages and his images regularly grace the covers of publications around the world from Marlin Magazine to New Zealand Fishing World, Voyager De Peche (France), Ski Boat (South Africa) as well as Modern Fishing, Club Marine and NAFA. On top of this he has authored several books including the The Complete Fishing Bible, a 450-page best seller. His hugely popular column in Friday’s Daily Telegraph reaches close to a million readers across greater Sydney each and every week.
Al’s love of fishing ultimately led him into television production. He produced the infamous Strikezone DVD range, which in turn lead to the ground-breaking StrikezoneTV.
He has starred in all major fishing shows as well as producing documentaries such as Gamefishing Australia.
He is currently producing ‘Big Fish Small Boats’ for Network Ten and is about to start a documentary on bluefin tuna.
Al’s fishing exploits are famous and he has received worldwide coverage from the discovery of the white sharks at Stockton as well as catching a well-documented monster bull shark in Sydney Harbour.
More recently he landed one of the biggest tuna ever seen after an epic 7-hour battle that featured as a lead story for the nightly news. However his crowning achievement was to be the first to ever film a massive mako attacking a marlin underwater – right in the danger zone. Then there was the giant squid which cracked 7-million views on popular social media site Youtube.
Young and passionate, Al works tirelessly to promote fishing and outdoor education with regular fishing seminars, school visits and fisheries departments advising several State and Federal Boards. High on his agenda is marine conservation. Al plays a pivotal role in bringing researchers and anglers together to better understand and manage fish stocks. It has been a long, hard slog to build up a reputation in the fishing and boating industry, but Al would have it no other way – especially when he gets to do what he loves most, fish and then tell everyone about it.
As Al puts it “If you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life.”