Handling Fish – Quick Tips

Nice flathead caught on a Atomic Crank 38 lure_

A Short Guide To Handling Fish

Most species of fish have spikes, sharp gills and other pointy bits that can inflict pain if not handled properly. Doesn’t matter how careful you are, they always seem to shake their head at the exact moment your hand is within striking distance. But like a snake charmer, there is a way to almost put them to sleep, or at the least reduce their head shaking while you remove the hook.

Handle With Care

Always have a wet towel handy and as soon as you bring a fish into the boat, put the towel over the fish’s eyes, which will dramatically reduce its movements. Another technique that works particularly well with flathead is to gently turn the fish upside-down. Holding it horizontal but up side down has some sort of tranquil effect as to almost put the fish to sleep.

Watch Those Spikes

By treating the fish this way it helps eliminate spikes and cuts but also, if you intend to release the fish, it will go back into the water in much better condition. If you do get spiked, an old time remedy is to rub the affected area with some of the fish’s natural slime, which is said to have some sort of neutralizing affect helping reduce the pain associated with the spike.


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