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Caine Goward recently completed filming a fishing trip at Lake Monduran Dam with Rob from Guidelines Fishing Charters and Rob recently was a guest on the Kaydo Fishing Radio Show passing on his techniques in catching Barra.

If you happened to miss the interview with Rob from Guidelines Fishing Charters listen now and learn from Rob’s years of experience in fishing the Lake Monduran Dam and locating impoundment Barra.

Guidelines Fishing Charters operates at Lake Monduran Dam which is just past the town of Gin Gin in Queensland . Rob has over 10 years fishing charter experience fishing for Barra in this area and knows the place like the back of his hand and as Caine explains in this article , you need a guide like Rob if you wish to gain the best experience in fishing at Lake Monduran Dam

Listen now to Rob from Guidelines Fishing Charters and if you are interested in learning how to catch Barra in an impoundment, Rob explains some of his techniques.

We recently completed filming for Kaydo at Lake Monduran Dam , ultimately fishing for Barra , and without Rob’s help from Guidelines Fishing Charters we probably wouldn’t have done as good as we did Having a guide to help and show you the area and knowledge of the area is a must especially for first timers or even regular visitors.

Prior to us going to Lake Monduran Dam we did a lot of studying on barramundi but we still knew it was going to be difficult to fish with all of us having no prior Barra experience apart from myself fishing for wild Barra over 5 yrs ago. Fishing for Barra in the dams is completely different.

You can’t expect to catch a Barra the first time going there, especially since Barra are masters of escape plus the ones in that lake are built like horses, but you can increase your chances.


With having a guide like Rob with over 10 years experience and fishing the area every day he knows the place like the back of his hand and it showed on our first day with him. From the way he was driving the boat in pitch black morning, weaving in and out of the maze of dense trees logs and stump, we learnt so much from Rob on our trip and had a lot of fun laughs and tears, especially after losing 7 Barra all in the meter range, considering its rare to hook 1 yet alone 7 in a day . All lost from a mixture of reasons from foul hooking, crushing hooks, straightening hooks or just plain unstoppable in tight areas but Rob was there the whole step of the way to pick me up after every agonizing loss and get me back onto the fish.


We had so much fun, learnt so much and such an experience I can highly recommend Rob and Guidelines Fishing Charters when you go to Lake Monduran . We have just booked our next trip in April next year.


Guidelines Fishing Charters


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