Frog Mouthed Pillies – A Great Bait

Confronted with a freezer full of plastic bags at the local bait shop or service station, the occasional angler often has no idea what bait to buy.

Just Like a Pillie But Smaller

One of the better options are a small baitfish usually sold as frogmouth pilchards, baby blues or sardines. They look just like a pilchard but only around 100mm long and with the exception of whiting, just about every estuary species love them.

Rigging Tips

AA frogmouth 1The way to rig them is to gang two number 1 or 1/0 size hooks together in a miniature version of your normal ganged hook pilchard rig, connected to a 30cm long trace and enough lead to get to the bottom, usually a two – four ball sinker. Cast out and wait till the bait hits the bottom then slowly retrieve.

Keep Them Moving

Keeping the bait constantly moving is a great technique for flathead, I’ve also had great success with bream by casting up against the current and letting it wash down with the tidal flow. If you find yourself with left over bait at the end of the trip, even if it is pretty ordinary looking and soft, don’t throw it away, sprinkle it with salt, leave for about four hours, drain off the juice then freeze.

You’ll be surprised how good it comes up second time around.

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Rod Harrison

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Rod Harrison is a sportfishing ‘lifer’. At the cutting edge of the sport since the 1970s, he remains at the top of his game and continues to spend the amount of time on the water that the rest of us only dream about. A former shearer and street cop, he has since guided fisherfolk extensively in both fresh and saltwater, his most recent venture being at Queensland’s world renowned big barra paradise,Lake Awoonga.

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