Tackle Talk : Chasing Wild River Bass

Chasing wild river Bass sometimes the locations can be just as rewarding and breath taking when exploring new grounds….

Tips to Catch Demersal Fish in W.A.

Luke Ryan explains how sounding up structure, bait, and predators before dropping a jig is a surefire way to increase your catch rate……

Tackle Talk – Find the Structure Catch more Fish

This week we look at sounders and how useful they are in finding structure that is holding fish

StructureScan® Explained by Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan talks about how you can distinguish a good fish from bait by using StructureScan……….

Coming to Grips with Impoundment Barra

It’s that time of year when water temperatures are rising and impoundment barra are becoming more active. It’s also closed season in the saltwater, so if you want a barra fix, fishing for impoundment barra is a great option……

Increase Strike Rate 2 Soft Plastic Rigs One Line

We all know fish get excited when they locate a school of Bait fish chances are increased of a feed .By using The Donkey Rig you improve your chances of of getting more strikes by having two Soft Plastic Rigs on one line

The importance of drag

Drag pressure or how hard it is to pull line off a reel, is crucial and the cause of many

Chasing Murray Cod at Copeton Dam

The native Murray Cod scene has gone gangbusters over the past 12 months, with this species being by far the ‘in’ fish to go and target. It ranks very highly…….

Tips for Flathead on Soft Plastics

There is little doubt that soft plastic lures catch a lot of flathead

Top Tips for Bream

Our top 10 tips for chasing Bream on Flats using Hardbody lures. 1. Like all Finesse fishing, fish light. 3-6pound leader

Frog Mouthed Pillies – A Great Bait

Confronted with a freezer full of plastic bags at the local bait shop or service station, the occasional angler often

Live Bait Advice: Catch More Fish With Livies

Keeping fish or bait alive in an onboard tank can be an exacting science but well worthwhile learning some of

Guesty Snapper Fishing with Soft Plastics

As snapper fever continues to hot up and more so in some areas than others check out some great fishing action with Guesty lots of tips and tricks in chasing our native species.

Micro Mackerel

Micro jigging, a new craze running through Australia at the moment, has in my mind revolutionized how to target many shallow water species on metal lures…..

Tackle Options For Bass

  A light spin or baitcast combo such as a 2-4kg rod with matched and balanced reel to suit. Best

How To Catch Kingfish With Bushy

Bushy and Chris Wright – this Spinning Kingfish series gives you some insight and tips into catching Kingfish. From tips on keeping lookout, lure and rod selection to hook up techniques.

Drifting for Snapper

Rhett guides us through chasing snapper in his home waters, offering some tips and techniques that could also be applied to a range of other species and locations around the country. Fish on!

Chasing Jewfish

Chasing Jewfish at Lake Macquarie using live squid and soft vibes

Using Lowrance Sounders at Copeton Dam

I’ve just returned from a trip to Copeton Dam in the NSW New England region with fellow Lowrance team members Gary Sullivan and Luke Reilly. This was…..

ShrimpZ Ahoy…

Having been towelled up by a mate recently fishing prawn imitations, I went to the bottom of the tackle box where a lone half packet of ZMan 3” Scented Shrimpz in Holographic colour

Nick Whyte Talks about Flathead Top Gun Win

Recently, I was lucky enough to be participate in a great concept fishing tournament run by the Gold Coast Sports Fishing Club. The tournament is called the Flathead Top Gun. The way it works is the top 10 finishers from the Flathead Classic from the previous year……

Breaming for beginners

Lure fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in Australia, with more and more people wanting to try their hand at artificial bait fishing.

Weedless Ridding Soft Plastics-Owner Beast Hooks

Fishing Gulp rigged weedless or snagless is a new and deadly technique in tropical creeks and esturaries across northern Australia. In this clip the Owner Beast hook is used to get Gulp Squid Vicious right up and into the snags.

Summer Snapper on the Sunny Coast

After many years chasing snapper on the close in reefs off the Sunshine Coast, I have lately found myself targeting them on the………

Casting Accuracy

Any fisho’s wanting to improve casting accuracy with a spin outfit need to watch this how to from master caster Adam Royter. Full of technique tips and information to get you ‘hitting the pocket ‘every time.

Handling Fish – Quick Tips

Most species of fish have spikes, sharp gills and other pointy bits that can inflict pain if not handled properly.

Lake Mulwala Murray Cod Tips

There’s something about catching Australian Freshwater Natives. And it’s no coincidence that many anglers are addicted to this kind of fishing.

Tackle Talk : Deep Jigging For Winter Bass

Increase your winter Bass catch rate deep jigging for Bass. Soft plastics to use, colours, weights and techniques.

How To Catch Squid In Deeper Water And Offshore Areas

Catching squid in deeper water and on offshore reefs, down to 20m depths. See how to use a……..