Kings Of The Sea: Catching More Kingfish

Kingfish are one of the hardest contending fish in our southern waters, Sydney in particular have a vast array of

Prawning in South East Qld

Well if there is anything I’m passionate about around Christmas time, its prawns! My passion has nothing to do with catching them though, eating them is my favourite part. That’s why there is no point in me writing to you about how to catch prawns in South East Queensland.

Whiting On Poppers

Whiting on poppers and walk-the-dog style lures is all the rage at the moment

LBG – Spinning From The Stones

It is also the most common type of lures used by the current crop of anglers are metals, swimming lures and surface lures as Goshie explains in this action-packed article

Bream Style Trout!

Mark Grenovich loves his bream fishing but like all anglers, likes to vary his target species. What to do with

Looking for Clues in the Blue

Before heading out into the open sea to fish, it is important to check tide, weather, and even the moon phase to ensure you’ll have a good time on the water……

Rock fishing safety – a personal responsibility.

Being washed off the rocks is something every angler dreads the thought of. Accidents happen and wearing a PFD is good commonsense…

Acanthopagrus australis – Yellowfin Bream

Considered by many as a timid fish known to mouth the bait before committing to a meal, bream by nature are aggressive predators that hunt the estuaries often in schools and readily take lures.

Want To Catch More Flathead?

Flathead fishing for me Is a passion that I have had since I was a small boy. On some days

Trout Tactics: River Dry Fly

You see them appear from the depths looking so intently at their prey before slowly opening their mouths and slurping the fly in, as he details in this article for Kaydo.

The Comeback Kid

Goshie tells us the story of a fisherman Mark Bloomfield and his comeback to fishing. This could be anyone of

Rocklands The Reliable

There are many places to visit in Victoria’s west and here Trevor Holmes gives us an in-depth look into Rocklands

Better Yakking

Jamie Robley takes us on an in-depth look into one if his favourite avenues to fishing when he talks about

Catching Pelagics on Spin Gear

Scott Bradley shares his experience with catching pelagic fish in the waters around Fraser Island off the Queensland coast. Chasing Pelagics is

Christmas Island: A sportfishers’ paradise

A few weeks out the rigging and tackle preparation begins and your mind begins to wander what epic fishing may be awaiting you at your destination.

River Bass – The silent and stealthy approach

Australian bass are an ever-popular target species but as more people realise how much fun they are to catch it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a piece of prime water that’s not loaded with boats.

Cod: The Roll Of The Troll

It had been a while but it seemed time to brush the dust off the art of trolling and revisit

Billfish … from a tinny

Broome and most of Australia’s western north coast is blessed with outstanding billfish fisheries. If you’re are keen enough (which

Saltwater fly fishing – Speeding up the learning curve

The technicalities of saltwater fly fishing can be a little daunting with even the so called ‘old salts’ occasionally finding

Sweet Water Secrets: Catching more fish in the fresh

Here are few ideas to follow when you do find that fresh water honey hole which will help simplify the fishing &put you on the path to sweet water success.

Storage Solutions: Covering all bases without cluttering your boat

Having a game plan makes most things easier in life and fishing is no different. It’s a big ocean out

Fly Fishing: Making The Move From Lure To Fly

With eyes like dinner plates, it’s easy to look like a big trevally in the shallows to a tackle shop owner when

Flathead On Soft Vibes

To target flathead your vibe needs to find its way into their zone and that’s the bottom. Soft vibes have

Bass Fishing Obsession

Bass Fishing can be become an obsession as you chase and target these iconic species. Gary Earl explains you don’t have to spend big money to fish for these iconic species and there are a few sure ways to increase your catch rate.

Jervis Bay – Australia’s Home Of Land Based Game Fishing

For many rock fisherman, Jervis Bay is considered the birth place of land-based gamefishing. This legendary location is situated just

Fishing Vibes: Lifting The Lid On This Exciting Way To Fish

The technique of vibing has become increasingly popular due to the simple reason that it is highly effective at fooling fish. The technique

Flathead on Fly: Catching flatties with the long wand

Baitos, lure fishermen and flyfishos all share a pretty solid common interest in flathead, probably more so than any other

Going in Circles over Whiting

King George whiting are one of the most highly sought after species in Western Port. Known for their delicious tasting flesh and fighting capabilities, whiting can prove difficult to catch at times.

Black Marlin In Shallow Water – Dane Tells Us How

It is funny how we often take the things closest to home for granted as we often plan a getaway

It’s a Prawn Thing Live Shrimp

This lure catapulted to the top of the charts and, after more than 5 years on the market, still maintains its place at the top of the heap….