Evergreen Royalflash Swimbait

Big bait “Royal Flush” which is greatly different from big big baits with strong swings, high waves high-sound & high appeal.

The action basically does not shake his head, not only removes the roll but also swims with Unaune very naturally in Slo – especially the movement of the tail section is emphasized. And as you step up speeding up, it gets tighter and you can get a high pitch vibration that could not have been the traditional big bait. And that movement is real baitfish itself.

Also, extremely natural movements at the time of dead stick will attract the bus unexpectedly, even from the buses that are threaded, deep range, and away from. In addition, flushing that makes use of the flat side surface becomes an escape action when raising the retrieving speed, and it becomes a byte trigger when hitting at twitch.

Not only to chase, suddenly “Don!” Comes out and intense big bytes. I will catch a bus that I could not catch with the traditional big bait. Another school. Trump card of the multiple series big bait. Royal flush.

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