Estuary Perch Secrets

Tips, Tricks & Techniques for catching Estuary Perch ( EP’s ) The cooler winter months might not be as exciting as summer but there are a few bonuses. One of them is targeting estuary perch! Yes it’s the time of year when mates go hush hush on exactly where they’ve been fishing and a kind of ‘secret squirrel’ world emerges when the two letters ‘EP’ are mentioned. Read on as Troy & Scott share their top EP tips!

estuary-perch1. Structure

EP’s are mostly found in around structure / snags , such as fallen logs / fallen trees in the water column.

2. Quiet

When approaching a snag in which you believe might hold EP’s approach with caution the last thing you want to do is spook the fish . So if you have a electric motor on your boat we recommend approaching that certain snag / structure by using your electric motor to keep noise levels down.

3. Work It

When casting to your snag / structure make sure to cast to all areas of that certain snag eg – cast to back , front , both sides and then repeat all those casts EP’s if they are holding on your snag will eventually strike out of frustration for annoying them.

4 . Mates

If you get a hit or see an EP in that certain snag you can guarantee there will be multiple fish holding in that area – if you catch one never release it directly back to the snag otherwise you might spook and upset that school of EP’s.

5. Drag

Always fish with a heavy drag because if you hook up you want to pull  that EP from his snag which it calls its home – so once hooked up retrieve fast as you can to turn the head of the fish for the best chance to land that EP.

6. Surface

On first and last light try and use a surface lure as the EP’s will be feeding on the surface on bugs / prawns etc try and imitate a bug / prawn  which short twitches as your retrieval , wind in slowly with a few little pause in between.

7. Lures

Ep2As the sun comes up or if fishing for EP’s during the daylight use lures that imitate prawns and slowly let them drift pass the snag / structure and slowly wind & retrieve your lure.

8 . Sounder

Use your sounder especially if you have  side scan or down scan the modern day sounder shows so much information under the water column you can easily identify if EP’s are present on the structure that you are sounding.

9. Leader

Use no less than 10 lb leader depending on how snaggy the area you are fishing if it’s very snaggy go up to 16 lb leader the last thing you want to do is lose a quality fish by being busting off on that snag / structure.

10. Determination

Keep casting at certain areas that you believe hold EP’s – try different retrievals, lures, use scent and once you’ve hooked up , hold on as these sports fish fight really well for there size especially there 1 st strike at your lure.


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