Bumper year for WA salmon


Surveys by Fisheries scientists have confirmed reports from recreational fishers that 2016 has been an excellent year for western Australian salmon.

This year, fishers enjoyed catching plentiful numbers of salmon in the metropolitan area and all along the west coast, with some caught as far north as Exmouth – the furthest north salmon have been recorded.

This extraordinary run occurred during the annual salmon migration, when adults migrate westward along the south coast to spawn between Perth and the Capes area.

Our latest monitoring results showed that fishing pressure is currently having a minimal impact on the stock.

Fisheries researchers found a healthy spread of ages with fish from four years old right up to 11.9 years (12 years is the maximum recorded age for WA salmon), indicating the salmon population is in good shape.

They also found most salmon are mature at about 55 cm total length and four years old, with females and males growing at a similar rate.

Fisheries and Marine officers still encounter fishers who have taken juvenile salmon, thinking they were adult herring, but as different bag and size limits apply, this can be an expensive mistake and put pressure on salmon stocks as these young fish have not had a chance to spawn.

Department of Fisheries – Western Australia

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