Australian Bass and Estuary Perch Season Open


The annual fishing closure to protect Australian Bass and Estuary Perch has now ended. A four month closure from 1 May 31 to 31 August protects these popular native sport fish during their spawning period, which takes place in the lower reaches of coastal rivers and lakes.

Both species should have finished spawning now and will be returning to their spring and summer feeding grounds higher in the catchment. Anglers can once again take these native species with a total bag limit of two Bass or Estuary Perch (EP) per person or a combination of both with a possession limit of four. Both species are very popular catch & release targets with anglers reminded to follow best practice handling techniques, including supporting the fish’s weight with both hands. Holding Bass and EPs vertically by their lower jaw is strongly discouraged as it can cause spinal damage and possible post-release mortality.

Information supplied by NSW Fisheries

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