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Fishing Product Talk

How To Catch Yellowtail Kingfish: Fin-Nor Fishing Masterclass — Part 1 of 2

what kingfish tackle works best, how to set-up your line and metal jigs for kingfish, and see for yourself the proven low-effort kingfish jigging technique used by professional fishers who do it for a living every day……

Fishing Product Talk

Penn Slammer III

PENN® reels are known to perform in heavy-duty fishing situations with features and benefits on which hard core anglers and charter captains trust.

Fishing Product Talk

TT Lures BuzzlockZ

Deadly on bass, barra, mangrove jack, cod and other surface predators. The TT Lures BuzzlockZ is a 4 bladed buzz blade that is designed to create water movement, noise and a bubble trail that attracts predators and triggers brutal strikes.


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