Tackle Talk : Chasing Wild River Bass

Chasing wild river Bass sometimes the locations can be just as rewarding and breath taking when exploring new grounds….

Kings Of The Sea: Catching More Kingfish

Kingfish are one of the hardest contending fish in our southern waters, Sydney in particular have a vast array of

These Dogs will Hunt – Zerek Tango Shad – New Colours

The incredibly popular and successful Zerek Tango Shad has had 5 new colours added to its 50mm, floating range.

Prawning in South East Qld

Well if there is anything I’m passionate about around Christmas time, its prawns! My passion has nothing to do with catching them though, eating them is my favourite part. That’s why there is no point in me writing to you about how to catch prawns in South East Queensland.

Freestyler 630 + Yamaha F150hp 4-stroke boat review

The Freestyler is a new class of boat, especially within the Australian market, an off-shore bow rider.

Tips to Catch Demersal Fish in W.A.

Luke Ryan explains how sounding up structure, bait, and predators before dropping a jig is a surefire way to increase your catch rate……

Whiting On Poppers

Whiting on poppers and walk-the-dog style lures is all the rage at the moment

LBG – Spinning From The Stones

It is also the most common type of lures used by the current crop of anglers are metals, swimming lures and surface lures as Goshie explains in this action-packed article

Tackle Talk – Find the Structure Catch more Fish

This week we look at sounders and how useful they are in finding structure that is holding fish

How to Catch Barramundi – Bagley Minnow B 05 with Vinnie Versfeld

Pro Angler Vinnie Versfeld talks us through why the Bagley Minnow B 05 diving minnow is a favourite of his when chasing barramundi in the impoundments and in the salt. Vinnie explains how and why the lure is effective, where to cast and the various retrieves that he uses with great success. Fish on!

Bream Style Trout!

Mark Grenovich loves his bream fishing but like all anglers, likes to vary his target species. What to do with