Introducing the ZX-720 equipped with a motion sensor! Boasts unbeatable at 400 lumens of brightness ZEXUS series the best brightness! * Motion sensor

The New PENN International

Hootch and Guesty show the new PENN International

Victorian Fish eFacts

The Great Redfin Challenge is still underway! We’re yet to see a challenger for the current leading redfin of 51cm.

New Smash Squid

The New Smash Squid from Chase Baits

New Quintrex Freestyler 630 + Yamaha F200 4-Stroke full review

Quintrex has released a new off-shore bow rider boasting their brand new APEX hull, and the conditions are rough with huge waves and strong winds.

Bream Time

Despite being surrounded by suburbia Sydney Harbour offers some great bream fishing. We got Al McGlashan to continue with Kaydo

New Bait Caster 25% More Casting Distance

The new bait caster from 13 Australia Fishing has no ball bearings and has a greater 25% more casting distance

Finesse Fishing: Part 3

Finesse Fishing: The lighter, finer, more subtle and cunning your presentation, the more fish you’ll hook.

Redfin – All You Need To Know

As tradition stands most of John Didge’s articles are about targeting bays and inlets around the country in search of big

Tackle Talk : Kayak Quick Release Anchor System

A quick release anchoring system to be used above the water line anywhere anytime